Mission Statement

Le Lapin Sandwich Delivery is contributing to the local community by delivering high quality and fresh products to our customers.

We are specialized in producing fresh sandwiches, salads and desserts and delivering them to offices and homes. All our products are done on order and delivered to every and each customer in the fastest time possible. We focus on fresh, organic, house-made and gourmet ingredients: marinated and roast halal chicken breast, prosciutto, paris ham, emmental cheese, rib eye for our steak sandwiches. The breads are manufactured following the French, traditional recipes.

Our main goal is to help our customers to eat healthy and tasty food, save their precious time, focus on their daily jobs, avoid the stressful and heavy traffic and ultimately bring convenience and comfort in their lives.

About Us

Le Lapin delivers its products everywhere in Bangkok and to all types of customers.
We focus on people who need a fast and high quality lunch: office workers.
Hard working people in Bangkok don’t always have the time to
go out or the will to fight the terrible traffic for lunch. And if they decide to order delivery food
they are often stuck with junk food.

The Offer :

:: Delicious and fresh sandwiches, salads and desserts.
:: Classic and Original recipes.

Quality :

:: Top quality and fresh products.
:: Nothing made in advance. You order we prepare.
:: We don’t cut corners.
:: Home made mayonnaise, home made marinara sauce etc.
:: We believe in small businesses adding a unique touch and personality to a city: Le Lapin, Only in Bangkok!

Delivery :

:: Don't waste your time, focus on your job. We bring delicious fresh and homemade food directly to your office.
:: Special offers for companies (business meetings, corporate events).
:: We deliver to all central areas of Bangkok and even to its closest suburbs.

All of us at Le Lapin Delivery take pride in offering the highest quality service available at a reasonable price.

Le Lapin Delivery

Tel: 02 651 95 12
Email: info@lelapinbangkok.com